The frequency variation method demands robust generators which can handle high currents and voltages, generated during the frequency variation. Artech develops this kind of generators.

The DGS is a digital generator, available as 50 W, 100 W and 200 W version, allowing for the adjustment of the frequency bandwidth and variation speed by means of a software that will work with most Microsoft Windows computers.

The PNS is an inexpensive alternative, available with output powers of 50 W, 100 W and 200 W. It works according to the Artech principle. In contrast to the DGS, the PNS does not allow for external communication with a personal computer and does not provide any intensity adjustment on the front plate.

Both generators are also available for the Atex-Zone 22.

Technical advantages in the use of Artech generators:

  • due to the wide frequency variation area from 30 to 38 KHz for the DGS and DGS a wide range of mechanical structures of different shapes and masses can be excited
  • no tuning of the mechanics necessary
  • frequency variation avoids hot spots or at least reduces the temperature in those spots
  • DGS and PNS search for ideal working point and retune within fixed time intervals
  • quasi simultaneous excitation of multiple mechanical structures possible