Artech has filed for patent and patented different ideas for ultrasonic sieving and cutting:

Patent number




Status July 2012






EP 2 049 274 B1



Find the optimum working point in the frequency spectrum and sweep of the frequency around this point.


Patented in Europe.

10 2006 047 592



Tuned ultrasonic waveguide led through a hole in the sieving frame with fixing and sealing to the frame.


Patented in Germany.

EP 2 217 388 B1



Ultrasonic excitation of a cylindrical sieving basket according to the Artech-Frequency-Sweep method.


Patented also outside Europe.

20 2011 102752.3



Integration of the screen waveguide into the frame with a thin bridge in between.


Utility model






10 2011 118 208.3



Ultrasonic excitation of a cutting knife according to the Artech Frequency Sweep Method.


Filed for patent.