about us

Artech Systems AG was founded in 1991, producing and selling plastic welding systems in close cooperation with Rinco Ultrasonics. Due to the takeover by Crest Group Incorporated in 1996, a global network has been established.

The Crest Group consists of producers of various ultrasound applications, as welding of plastics and metals, ultrasound bonding and high frequency cleaning.

Your advantages:

  • We provide worldwide assistance and support, and our products are available all over the world.
The Crest Group Incorporated
The Crest Group Incorporated
  • Well-proven components from other applications can be applied without any problems.
  • A broad range of ultrasonic components is available for new applications.

In the course of converting the company from equipment manufacturers to producers of ultrasound components, Artech Systems was renamed, and is now called Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG.

As specialists for the frequency variation method, Artech has been filing several new methods for patent, and can thereby offer outstanding, internationally competitive ultrasonic solutions.

The patented Artech methods can be used for the sieving, charging and feeding of bulk materials and powders.