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More than 25 Years of Ultrasonic Experience

In 1991, the company was founded as Artech Systems AG. In the following years, the firm produced plastic welding machines in close cooperation with "Rinco Ultrasonics AG".

"The Crest Group Incorporated", a U.S. corporation, acquired the company in 1996 and established a global network. The Crest Group is the market leader in the field of innovative ultrasonic cleaning, welding, joining, mixing and separating technology and currently employs around 900 people.

After its integration into the Crest Group, "Artech Systems AG" was renamed to "Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG". Since then, the company has specialized in the development of industrial ultrasonic components for the screening and discharging of powders.

Following the market launch of the patented frequency variation technology, Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG has become a renowned ultrasonic provider in the bulk material industry.

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