Depending on the task and the therefore required ultrasonic components, Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG offers the appropriate accessories.

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Software SweepParamLight® und SweepParamExpert®

Ultrasonic Generator Software SweepParam

Thanks to the SweepParam® software, you can adapt the DGS generator to the specific requirements of your system. The software is used to control the ultrasonic process with the possibility of changing the process parameters. All you need is a USB FTDI data cable and a PC or laptop with Microsoft® Windows®.

Ultrasonic Clamp

Ultrasonic Clamp on Laboratory Sieve

Test sieves with diameters of 200mm & 400mm can be equipped with a flexibly removable ultrasonic clamp. By using ultrasonic, you can improve the selectivity in the lower µm range. Fractionating with your test sieve shaker thus becomes even more precise and efficient. In addition, the time required for the analysis is reduced and grain sizes can be analyzed, which were previously difficult to screen.

Converter Support

Converter Holder mounted at Screening Machine

Since high acceleration forces can occur in the screening machine, the waveguide is connected to the frame via a support element. For accelerations above 4g, it is recommended to install the converter together with a converter support. The converter supports are suitable for the following converter types: C32-HP1, C35-SD8 & C35-GD1.

HF Cable

HF-Cables ATEX

Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG offers standard HF cables in the following lengths: 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m. In addition, you will find HF extension cables in our product range.

Further Accessories

In addition to the above-mentioned articles, we offer additional accessories depending on the task and application.

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