Ultrasonic Components Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG

Repair Services

Despite the devices of Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG are designed for long-term usage, defects or malfunctions can occur. Should you face problems with our products, please contact our Service team by phone or e-mail:

Tel: +41 (0)71 - 460 224-1
Mail: service@artech-systems.com

In case the support by phone or e-mail should not solve the problems, the devices will have to be checked. Due to the modular composition, the components will be overhauled within a short time period. The service team will help you to obtain the correct return address. Service assignments will not be accepted without a completed return form. The form is available under the following link:

... Download return form

Important Remark:
Please attach the Accompanying Note Return / RMA clearly visible on the OUTSIDE of the packet. Should the return not be sent with the respective attestation attached, the return cannot be accepted. Parcels sent as carriage forwards will be sent back at the expense of the sender. The return of defect goods and accessories need to be delivered free by the customer. Thank you for your understanding.