Ultrasonic Screening with three types of bulk materials


Due to its intelligent method, Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG is able to equip various screen designs with ultrasonic components. Hence, screens can be provided according to the customers’ requirements. The components are then supplied together with the screens from one single source. Like this, you get a complete, tailor-made ARTECH package.

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Industrial Screens

Artech produces industrial flat screens made for installation in screening machines. For the respective screening machine (vibrating or tumbler screening machine) the appropriate sieve is provided. According to the type of machine, the screens differ mainly in the position of the waveguide:

Cool Sieve

Screening of Powder by means of Ultrasonic

With the small and flexible "Cool Sieve" design, you get a screen as if it was made of one piece. The special feature of the Cool Sieve is the screening frame. In addition to its function as a frame, it simultaneously serves as a sonic ring. The patented and flexible design is mainly used for protective screening in the powder coating industry and for additive manufacturing.

Test Sieves

Test sieves with diameters of 200mm & 400mm can be equipped with an ultrasonic clamp. Increase the accuracy of your test sieve shaker in combination with our flexible ultrasonic clamp as an accessory.

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Custom-made Sieves

Depending on the task at hand, Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG can offer sieves according to your needs. Due to the patented technology, the ultrasonic components are used in combination with various geometries.